Legal Notices & Data Information.

Name of Business

C Moore- (Sole Trader), Trading as - Just Inspired Designs 

Registered Address:

714 London Road
ME20 6BL


Data Protection Officer: Mr C Moore.


Contact details:

We can't always answer the phone so email us and we will get back to you

Payment options:
This is managed via the Print on Demand website, see their privacy policy for information on this as Just Inspired Designs does not hold or have access to any financial details relating to clients or orders processed via these 3rd party sites.

Purchased Made Via Etsy or Redbubble:

When you make a purchase via the Etsy or RedBubble store, you provide your details to them to allow them to process the order and payment in line with their data policy terms.  Your financial data remains with Etsy.  Your basic personal information for the processing of your order is sent to Just Inspired Designs and the production agent (This may be in the UK, EU or US). Your data is retained by each party in line with GDPR and in house policies as define by each business. The data you provide to Just Inspired Designs directly is done so in line with the rest of this policy.  Where you place an order outside of Etsy your name and address only will be provided to the production agent for the product to be sent to your chosen address and used solely for that purpose only.  All your rights as prescribed under the GDPR will still apply regardless of whether the production agent is in the UK, EU or US.

Cancellations Policy:
This is done via the Etsy/Redbubble site and in line with the Print on Demand website, see their terms and conditions for more information.

Your Rights and Our Responsibility to Manage Your Data Accurately & Transparently
You have rights as stated in the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) to give consent and "opt-in" to your data being retained, to understand how your data is handled, why and for how long, how it is kept secure, and also to simple transferability and deletion of all records (this is done in full compliance with lawful expectations, however data for financial transactions may be retained as per the legal expectations and regulations of HMRC, however the minimum possible amount of data is retained to fulfil that expectation and is deleted at the earliest possible and lawful moment.) 

We NEVER use your data for marketing or advertising unless you have explicitly given formal consent to be included in a specific process and for that process only. 
Data protection, and the safety, safeguarding, and overall protection of all clients is the first and most important priority at Just Inspired Designs


1.      Do NOT send personal or sensitive data to our email address, via text message, or via the online contact forms as they are NOT secure or encrypted. 

2.      Be careful where you are when discussing your personal information, keep aware of people that could overhear you.

3.      Each time you make contact via the website you will be asked to re-confirm your consent to have your data held securely by Just Inspired Designs, it is important to be aware of the terms within this document to insure you are fully up to date with any changes here within.

It is vitally important that our data is accurate and up to date.  PLEASE let us know if ANY of your personal data changes at the earliest possible opportunity.

Complaints & Grievance Policy:
If you wish to make a complaint, please contact by email to:, or to the address as shown above.
All complaints must be issued by email or post and can NOT be taken over the phone.
All responses will be in writing for auditable purposes.
Complaints can take in excess of 28 days to investigate however contact will be made within 14 days to confirm the issue has been acknowledged.
(All complaints will be taken very seriously.)


Child & Vulnerable Person Protection:
No order can be made by any person under the age of 16. For all orders that are managed via the Print on Demand no financial or personal data is retained about minors.

Contact made via our email/website by a child will be responded to with a generic email response informing the person that all communications need to be made by a person 16 years or over. Following that, all details relating to that contact will be fully deleted.

Any contact made via social media will be managed in line with the data and privacy policy of that site and will also be managed as per the process for website/email contact where contact is made by a person under 16 years of age.

​Any contact made via email or the website is kept for as long as it is needed and securely stored.  All details that are not legally required to be retained will be deleted at the earliest opportunity.

We don't just assume you consent to Just Inspired Designs gaining and retaining your data. We require you to confirm specifically at each step that you consent to your data being retained and used for the purpose of providing you with the service as identified. You may retract that consent at any time by emailing us at and we will comply with your request as much as possible (Financial records we are required to retain for 7yrs by law, however this data is privileged to the business accounts only where kept.).

Data Protection, Security, Data Sharing, & Data Requests:
We are registered with the Information Commissioners Office (Reg: ZA204011)

We hold client data securely on both paper and electronic records (including cloud based secure technology), which is SSL secured, compliant with the Data Protection Act 1998 and the GDPR regulations. Our data is held only if it is required and within the legal time requirements for client record management. We do not share data with any external entity without prior written consent from the client (except where requested by a court warrant). We use data to ensure clients receive effective services, and to ensure the records held are accurate, up to date, and appropriate for the purpose they are being retained. We will use this data for promotional activity within the business where authorised, all clients are asked to 'Opt-In' rather than 'Opt-Out' of promotional materials being issued via post, email, phone call, etc, and this WILL be honoured. 

At any point where your details need to be published for any reason, you will be required to give consent either in writing/email or as part of an application process by selecting a consent to data use tick box. You have the right to retract your consent at any time and your data will be removed from all possible applications (this may not be possible on hard copy printed media,)

Any data you provide via our Wix based site and online store will be managed in line with the Wix data policy and our own data policy as define within this document. 


Social Media

For data privacy terms for social media sites please see the site privacy and data policy. Where contact is made via a social media site you are responsible for what you submit to the page(s).  Where any submissions to competitions are made you consent to your name being publicised if you are the winner of any prizes. If you subscribe to any mailing lists for new personalised products or other updates, you will be asked to consent to the data use at that time.


Legal Basis to Hold & Process Data:
Our legal basis to collect, retain, and manage/share data is done based on the following:
"    Our responsibilities for financial and accounting purposes in line with HMRC regulations
"    To provide a high-quality effective service for clients. The minimum amount of data required to undertake this is held.
"    To ensure that our details remain up to date
"    With the continued consent of the client (It is noted that the client is responsible for updating us if their details change at any point or if they want their details to be removed from our system.)

Online Stored Data & Cloud Based Software:
We use cloud-based software for our accounting process (Xero) This software is secure and protected to a high standard, we wouldn't use it otherwise.  Although data may not be stored on servers only in the UK, where any other location in the EU or US is used, the data is protected by the "PrivacyShield" or a similar protection/security agreement ensuring total compliance with DPA and GDPR regulations. We are happy to provide further information on this.  You can also look at Xero data notice at   We ensure our processes are totally transparent, therefore we support all requests for information relating to our responsible handling of personal and private data.  We guarantee to do everything we can possibly do to ensure your data is as safe as possible.


Marketing & Subscriptions
Your data is stored ONLY for financial or administrative purposes. You will NEVER receive marketing or any unsolicited emails from any Kent & Sussex Healthcare or Just Inspired Designs business without your permission, unless you have requested a response. IF you receive any other emails that you were not expecting from an email address that looks like one of ours, please let us know, as this could be a security risk that we need to be made aware of. Although every possible measure is taken to secure personal data, you can help us to protect you. 
To keep up to date with all Just Inspired Designs business activities, please follow our Facebook and Twitter pages for all information.


How long do we hold your data?

​The length of time your data will remain on our secure systems depends upon what the data is and the rationale for the data being obtained and retained. 


Accounting data is stored for 7 years as per HMRC requirements; however, NO order data is stored by Just Inspired Designs where orders are placed on the Print on Demand platforms.

All data other than that provided to the Print on Demand sites relating to your orders, registration, or any other data you provide to Just Inspired Designs will be retained for as long as it is needed to provide you with the services you require, and after the termination of that service,  the data will remain with us for as long as is necessary for audit, administrative, or legal purposes to ensure we comply with the expectations placed upon us as a responsible business.  

You have the right at any time to request the full removal of your data from our systems, for which we will comply with to the best of our ability where it would not go against our other legal requirements for example invoice retention as specified by the HMRC for accounting purposes. We would ensure we comply with your request expediently and to the best of our ability. 

Our website is SSL secure so you can be sure that your data is safe, however, caution is always recommended. Our accounts and client data systems are cloud based and SSL secured, protected to the highest possible standard. Our computers and internet connections are virus protected and all local data is stored in password protected files for extra protection.

Every reasonable safeguard is put in place to ensure your data is as safe as possible and we have a policy of total transparency, so you know exactly what data we collect and retain, why and how we use it, and who has access to the data, and for what reason. No data is shared without your knowledge, consent, and where it is not necessary.  

Requests for data information MUST be made in writing to:

Just Inspired Designs

Data Request

​714 London Road
ME20 6BL

Data & FOI Requests:
All data and FOI requests will be processed conforming to ICO regulations and the Data Protection Act 1998/(GDPR).  
We will require confirmation that the person requesting the data is lawfully entitled to access the information required. Where a person requests data that is not relating to their own client/staff file, written consent will be sought from the person whose information is being requested and will not be issued unless that authorisation is satisfactorily received.

Data requests are usually free; however, a charge can be levied for excessive or manifestly unfounded requests.  The time scale for the data release to be issued will depend on the nature of the information requested but on average would take 21-28 days.  We reserve the right to consult with the ICO to ensure our actions remain lawful and to ensure we remain fully compliant with current legislation.

Access to Our Policies: 
We have no objection to discussing our policies and operational procedures with you and providing information about these documents where reasonably requested.